LEDs are important in today’s world because they are energy efficient, long-lasting, and versatile. They have a significant impact on the environment by lowering energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. They are used in various lighting applications, including interior and exterior illumination for homes and offices, automotive and industrial lighting, and more. They are considerably more common in our daily lives since they are used in electronic equipment like computers and televisions, and in electronic equipment like computers, televisions, and displays. In this article, we’ll talk about LED light bars in the automotive industry.

A side-emitting LED light bar is a particular kind of lighting fixture that emits light, especially in the direction of the bar’s sides using light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Side-emitting LED light bars can be used in automotive applications to offer extra lighting for off-road driving or to enhance visibility in low light. They can be used as auxiliary illumination, spotlights, or driving lights and are commonly installed on the sides of vehicles.

Ginto Lighting is an enterprise focusing on manufacturing and developing LED light bars. We manufacture high-tech side emitting LED light bars. One of our side emitting LED lights has a model number GT-BS01A.

Features of GT-BS01A

The GT-BS01A new side emitting led light bar features with delicate led driving light beam, aluminum sliding mount support sliding mount on back and on the bottom of the housing, 304 stainless steel side mount equipped. E-mark R10 and R149 approved, optic performance is 40% more brighter than the other competing led light bars in the market.


Side-emitting LED light bars are generally made of a number of LED lights spaced out along their length. The LEDs are often enclosed in a housing for protection, which also helps to dissipate heat. Aluminum and other strong materials with a durable design are frequently used to create the housing.


Side-emitting LED light bars are becoming more and more common for a range of applications because they have several benefits over conventional lighting solutions. They are the best lighting alternative for a variety of applications because of their focused illumination, low profile, versatility, energy efficiency, extended lifespan, and environmentally friendly nature.

Side-emitting LED light bars are a versatile and efficient lighting solution that may be used in a range of applications. They can be set up in several ways to generate various sorts of light and are strong, long-lasting, and flexible.

Why choose us?

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